Revamaza Individual International Partnership Program

Making money with revamaza

Now, if you want to earn extra income in your spare time to have money for your personal needs or want to get rich, you can become Revamaza personal international partner. The detailed information is as follows:
1. Advantages:
– No investment required.
– No need for customer management.
– Do not have to take goods, stock goods …
– Diverse product, good quality
– High commissions are paid after 2-3 months (usually 1 month after the customer’s receipt) due to the international shipping time for the order.
– There are more passive income from returning customers.
Revamaza Partner Program Requirement
Revamaza Passive Income

2. Subjects, Requirements: All international individuals (except Singapore citizens) such as students, office workers, workers, housewives … ensure the following conditions:
– Has use of Facebook, Tiktok, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks.

Revamaza Facebook Tiktok Instagram
– Have a Paypal account and a Paypal account linked to your bank account or bank card. For what? To receive commissions from us. If you do not have one, please see the instructions for creating a Paypal account and linking to your bank account at our website.

Revamaza Paypal Account

3. Policy of the program:
– You get 20% commission on the sales you sell (excluding international shipping fees). For example, if you sell a product for 80 USD (the value of the product does not include international shipping) by buying and paying online on our website at After the customer receives the product, 1 month later you will have a commission worth 16 USD.
– Lifetime commission: When your customer has made a one-time purchase from you. If the second time, a customer buys a product without going through you anymore because the customer actively places an order on the website, the Revamaza system will still report that the order is yours and you still receive a commission for that order without. what to do (passive income)

4. Implementation steps:
Step 1: Go to or the Revamaza fan page to carefully review the products, prices, product codes, materials …
Step 2: Download the product picture to your phone, ipad or laptop, then post it on Facebook, Tiktok, Twitter, your chat groups or other social networks and ask everyone to buy for support.
Step 3: When someone likes the product to be consulted or asked to buy, please inform the customer name, phone number and e-mail and guide the customer to the product link from our website to order. and online payment. You then send the customer information (customer name, phone number and e-mail) and the product code the customer is planning to buy to us via the Fan page Revamaza inbox or e-mail When customers place an order, our system will recognize the order for you.
Step 4: After the first order, if the customer actively returns to the website, we buy without going through you. The Revamaza system still records orders for you and you get a passive commission without doing anything.

Currently, many international individuals join our partnership program and earn quite a good income. Some of you have questions that our products are high priced, but in fact the price is very good due to the unique product, good fabric quality and many customers are very satisfied after buying. The work only requires persistence and hard work. Every day just 1 order is about 16 USD and many orders will make you have a great income.

Income from Revamaza

You can sign up for the program by sending your registration information including your name, phone number and e-mail used to register for a Paypal account via your inbox Fan page Revamaza or via e-mail

Do not know how to register for Paypal Account, you can read it here.